What’s In Your Bento?

Your typical Japanese bento, usually stuffed with rice and all types of other "bits and bobs"

After “can you please send me a love pillow?”, the second most frequent question I hear from people back home is “what do you eat over there?”  Because answering “rice” becomes quite boring (and leaves little need for a blog update), I have decided to attempt to visually capture every single thing I eat, a project I’ve affectionately dubbed “What’s In Your Bento?”.  How long will this last?  The goal:  1 year.  The reality:  I’d be happy with a month.

There is a secondary reason behind this endeavor.  By setting a rule that I have to photograph everything I eat, I’m hoping one of two things occurs:

1.  I become more cognisant of the amount and quality of things I am eating and therefore change my habits to becoming more healthy.

2.  I become too lazy to find the camera and/or upload the picture and decide to simply eat less.

Either will have a welcome effect on “the pear”.


One Response to What’s In Your Bento?

  1. Napkins says:

    Nice and clever. I hope the other Sherrys will share the “bentos” from their corners of the world for my viewing pleasure if not for their own health. You’re one step closer to the dream of eating the whole world and blogging about it for a living. Did I say eating the whole world? Chris Farlian slip. I meant traveling the whole world.

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