After spending 19 years at “Almost Done”, during which his proudest accomplishment was attending senior prom in a zebra print zoot suit with a companion of the same sex, Travis decided to strike out on his own to the bright lights of Grove City, PA. Quickly realizing that he was not near old enough to be more than 30 minutes away from his parents, he moved back to the safety and familiarity of Collegeville and the King of Prussia Mall.

After 3 successful years sleeping and attempting to eat enough food at every meal to justify the $20,000 tuition at an overpriced yet somehow underfunded university, the real world beckoned and Travis found himself moving a whole 15 minutes down the road to the “revitalized” steel town of Phoenixville. After three years living with a revolving door of his best friends and sister, consisting mostly general mayhem with a little work mixed in, Travis was able to slowly ween himself away from the teet of his youth,  first with a move to Ithaca, NY followed by a brief stint living in an estate fit for a king (while subsequently getting paid like a pauper) on the shores of Lake Geneva.

After a short return to Phoenixville, which included life-altering events such as marriage and a fantasy football championship, Travis found himself inexplicably moving to Hamamatsu, Japan, where he can currently be found teaching English, frequenting recycle marts and eating large quantities of kaiten-sushi under the pseudonym Tiger-Sensei.


2 Responses to Trav

  1. Jon Odessa says:

    I LOVE this Bio! You are too funny my friend.

  2. djt says:

    my good lad, i noticed that you failed to mention the losing of yet another squishy crown in your bio…aaaaaahhh, just focus on the positives Trav!!!

    miss you…

    love you…

    mean it…

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