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Breaking News: The Sherry Bento Has Moved!

That’s right folks!  After 4 months, I have finally gained the technical skill of an 8 year old and figured out how to move the Sherry Bento and all its wonderful content to an actual, real, true blue “.com” address.  … Continue reading

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Zamblings: From Zambia to Zanzibar

Written by Val, posted by Travis.  In case you haven’t heard, the internet capabilities in sub-Saharan Africa are generally considered “subpar”, hence the inability to access WordPress effectively and the lack of pictures.  And while it is long, I assure … Continue reading

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The Malaysia-Thailand Holiday Adventure: A Look at the Best, Worst, and Everything In Between

Want to find out the “in between”?

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Curry on Christmas?

Before moving to Japan, my knowledge of Asian geography consisted solely of facts gleaned from watching 20 seasons of Survivor (and that Bangkok was the capital of Thailand due to the infamous, and awesome, middle school joke). Weren’t all nations … Continue reading

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Reasons To Ruv Japan #2: Indoor Shoes

Being a guy rules. Being a girl, well…not so much. A sampling of reasons: 1. Men can go the bathroom standing up, allowing me to easily and conveniently engage in one of my favorite pastimes; peeing outside (especially in the … Continue reading

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My Zam Life: Parasites and Potter!

My obsession with all things ‘Harry Potter’ may make me unpopular at parties, but its an addiction I refuse to let go. When I discovered that I would be in Zambia when the final two movies were released I almost … Continue reading

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While You Were Feasting…

…on delectable turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and the like, my students were engaging in an activity that still, three days later, boggles my mind:  Marathon Day.  If you are thinking that the title of the event seems … Continue reading

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