What’s The Sherry Bento?

Welcome to The Sherry Bento, your one-stop shopping for all things Sherry.  Don’t know who the Sherry’s are?  Well you must not live within a 10 mile radius of Collegeville, PA where the influence of this clan is heavy, especially in the “Mill Rd.-Arcola Rd.-Morgan St.” Triangle.

While the posh Philadelphia suburbs that this group calls home proved to be a great place to grow up, many of the Sherry’s felt it selfish to confine their awesomeness to such small area and have moved to countries far and wide to allow others to bask in their presence.

But fear not!  Through this blog you will be able to keep up with the goings-on of your favorite Sherry(s) and share in the revelry that follows this band of merry-makers.


One Response to What’s The Sherry Bento?

  1. “Spreading the Sherry Love” – love it! Bento and Gaga. That’s a spectacular plunge! Looking forward to meeting you in January!

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