Breaking News: The Sherry Bento Has Moved!

That’s right folks!  After 4 months, I have finally gained the technical skill of an 8 year old and figured out how to move the Sherry Bento and all its wonderful content to an actual, real, true blue “.com” address.  Not only does it sound cooler, (“”), but it will also allow us to do more in depth technical stuff with pictures, flash player, etc.  Of course, that is contingent on me learning it all, so don’t hold your breath.

So please, if you have been following us here at the blog continue to do so at now at  If you were a subscriber here (all 15 or so of you), please resubscribe at the new address so that you can continue to get email updates.  That capability will be available in the next few days.  I’ll even be nice and link the new blog below!  Get your butt over there and bookmark it, fools!

The Sherry Bento

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