Happy Anniversary!

No, my parents were not married on this day 74 years ago (at least I think that’s how long they’ve been married).  But today is, in fact, an anniversary.  I HAVE BEEN HERE ONE WEEK!  7 days.  How it has only been one week I have no idea, considering it feels like I’ve lived under the relatively hot Ugandan sun my entire life.  Yet at the same time, things are still so new.  A Ugandan girl I met told me and some friends that “you look like you’ve been on this campus for at least one month” to which I replied “BWAHHH!??!”  If there is anything further from the truth, it is that 28 white, bright-eyed American students look like they belong on this college campus.  However, she assured me we fit right in.

That is good to hear, considering at times I definitely don’t feel like it.  To be honest, things have still been difficult in my adjustment to my family and to this country in general.  However, as I have appropriately titled this entry, I realize that I have only been here for one week.  Things should not feel comfortable, at least not yet.  And I should definitely miss home, considering I have left so many awesome people and places behind.  So in a sense I am right where I should be.

Changing topics, I was told that my entries lacked detail due to a cross-comparison with another USP-ers blog (thank you, olivia weideman).  However, I have posted pictures with everything I have done since I’ve been here, so check them out on Facebook!  Plenty of pictures of cute African children (and even more to come!)  If that doesn’t motivate you to get there quick, I don’t know what will.

I love you all.  As soon as something terribly interesting happens (including trying out for the volleyball team or possibly singing in morning chapel), I will let you know!


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