Practice What You Preach

If I knew I’d be learning a lesson in flexibility the moment after I posted my last blog, I probably wouldn’t have written it.  Pre-departure stress got the best of both me and my technology, and as my computer decided to slowly begin to stop working (emphasis on SLOWLY), my patience went with it.  The day before I left the continent was not the time for my so-called lifeline to America to stop working.  and i was FRUSTRATED.

However, I learned a very important lesson through everything.  If I’m going to talk about learning about flexibility and using this semester to overcome challenges, I better be able to back it up.  My computer not working is such a trivial problem in the grand scheme of this amazing opportunity, and like always, God worked it out.  I knew He would, but trusting in frustrating situations like that is, well, frustrating.  and hard.

But here I am, in the Amsterdam Airport, writing to you on a fully-working computer.  And that’s how cool God is.

I began my day at Messiah and said goodbye to the most amazing people I know.  Patty and Shannon drove me to the airport in Dulles where I met up with the rest of my group.  Considering they are all sitting near me and Paige is definitely reading over my shoulder, I’ll tell you how awesome they are.  😉  But really, what an amazing group of people and I’m so excited to share this experience with them.

Unfortunately, sleeping on the plane is proving to be more difficult than I expected.  And since unlike SOME people I didn’t use over-the-counter enhancements to lull me into a 5-hour sleep session, I’m ultra tired.  Thus, I’m about to sleep on this tiled floor in Europe (yes, emily murphy, EUROPE.  blech).


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