You Won’t Ever Know Anything

In elementary school, I won the V-sit and reach.  You know, the thing in gym class during the presidential physical fitness test where you sit with your legs outstretched and try to push that little metal bar as far forward as you can.  Either you are remembering with me in anguish or you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Regardless, the V-sit and reach tested flexibility, and Lisa Clark and I were fifth grade champs.

Today I wouldn’t even be able to touch the metal bar with a 39 1/2 foot pole (it’s still christmas in my heart).  I am horrendously inflexible and my physical education teacher mother would probably be ashamed of my poor showing.  However, this is all going to change.  One word: UGANDA.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far in preparation for my semester abroad, it’s flexibility.  No, I haven’t been stretching, and the transition from literal stretching to metaphysical stretching has probably lost a couple of people along the way, but here’s the bottom line: “You won’t ever know anything.” A wise young woman by the name of Megan Krusemark uttered these words to me as my first piece of advice for leaving this country and heading to the heart of Africa.  Seeing as how Megan spent the last four months doing the exact same program as I’m beginning, I think I’m going to trust her.  She could say bring a large stuffed animal monkey that only cost $2 at Salvation Army and you better believe I’d make room in my new Eastern Mountain Sports traveling backpack/suitcase.

So as I prepare (I use that word very lightly), I’m already beginning to heed Megan’s advice and go with the flow.  I have no idea if my clothes are acceptable.  I have no idea if I have enough baby wipes.  I have no idea if the fact that I was almost late in taking my malaria pills is a precursor to this whole experience.  But I am completely sure on one fact: God is in control.  This opportunity has only presented itself because of many doors opening in my favor, and to that I give God all the credit.  So although I “won’t ever know anything,” I know that He knows everything. And with that simple truth, I can finally take a deep breath, shake off the stress, and enjoy these last two days in the states (i’ve always wanted to say that… states.  bahah).


P.S.  from now on, my posts are probably going to be much more disorganized.  there will probably be no capital letters, no opening paragraphs, no enticing childhood stories.  please continue reading, because the amazing things God is going to do during these four months are going to trump any comic tale I can try to muster up.  I love you all.

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5 Responses to You Won’t Ever Know Anything

  1. Val Sherry says:

    Wow. I am literally reading this while stranded in Stonetown, Zanzibar. You are exactly right in saying that in Africa you don’t know anything. I should be getting on a train to get back to Zambia tomorrow, but since nothing here ever goes as planned, I am scrambling for new ideas because all the seats have been booked. Anyway, the point is this: when you are living in Africa, you will be shocked, disappointed, frustrated, and/or angered every single day. The only 2 things you can ever depend on here are God and the fact that nothing goes as planned. My advice to you: always bring water and toilet paper with you WHENEVER you leave the house.

    Stay flexable. It will be much easier for you than it has been for me. I love you! You and africa are going to go together like peanutbutter and fluff. Yes, I said fluff.

  2. BECKY SPILL says:

    Cody I remember the v sit, that’s funny you were good at it, I did like the worse. I’m going to really enjoy your blooooog!!! Its super good! Good luck!!!!! Its gonna be awesome!!

  3. Adam Arditi says:

    Great job man! TWO days left – how did that happen?

  4. Genna says:

    CODY!!! This is going to be awesome! I’ll be praying for you (especially about not getting malaria) 🙂 I love you Cody!

  5. Mom says:

    You won the V sit and reach ? How did that happen – you are as inflexible (not metaphorically) as I am. I guess that is just another piece of your childhood that slipped by me – go figure.

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