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Breaking News: The Sherry Bento Has Moved!

That’s right folks!  After 4 months, I have finally gained the technical skill of an 8 year old and figured out how to move the Sherry Bento and all its wonderful content to an actual, real, true blue “.com” address.  … Continue reading

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It Makes All The Difference

DISCLAIMER: the following is an entry from the journal I have to write from my one class.  Therefore, it is a continuation of the “emotional, self-enlightenment, talk about my feelings” blog posts I’ve been putting up.  Though i think it’s … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!

No, my parents were not married on this day 74 years ago (at least I think that’s how long they’ve been married).  But today is, in fact, an anniversary.  I HAVE BEEN HERE ONE WEEK!  7 days.  How it has … Continue reading

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Zamblings: From Zambia to Zanzibar

Written by Val, posted by Travis.  In case you haven’t heard, the internet capabilities in sub-Saharan Africa are generally considered “subpar”, hence the inability to access WordPress effectively and the lack of pictures.  And while it is long, I assure … Continue reading

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The Beginning

Hello America.  For those that did not see my status update on Facebook, I MADE IT.  At this very moment, I am sitting in a small room with 5 other Uganda Studies Program students talking about fanny packs.  We call … Continue reading

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Mid-Winter Summary

One of the perks of being a student (besides living below the poverty line) is winter break. A magical time of northward migration, sledding through the woods, christmas tree disasters, and taking pictures of faces on sticks held in front … Continue reading

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Practice What You Preach

If I knew I’d be learning a lesson in flexibility the moment after I posted my last blog, I probably wouldn’t have written it.  Pre-departure stress got the best of both me and my technology, and as my computer decided … Continue reading

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