Enter Samson, Stage Left

It was around the Thanksgiving table this year that my mother realized I was as blind as a bat.  “20/200!  Why aren’t we getting a handicapped scholarship for you?”  Yes, good to hear that my mother cared more about the money I was winning her than the health of her youngest (not anymore) child.  Regardless, this conversation led us to remember the phenomena all youngest children experience at some point (or all of) their life:  OLDER SIBLING ENVY.

As I sat in the back seat of our dark blue Chrysler minivan (the one EVERY FAMILY seemed to own) and watched each sibling return from the eye doctors with a new pair of glasses, I knew I needed a pair of my own.  I didn’t care if my eyesight was perfect or not, glasses suddenly became the coolest thing since beanie babies and those exercise mats you had to wear blue footies in order to slide across.  Though their peers suddenly thought my siblings were nerds, geeks, and four-eyes, i idolized them.

And so, like the youngest child (aka brat) i was, i got glasses.  By this point, my siblings had all moved on to contacts or had just stopped wearing their glasses altogether, but i still felt accomplished.  I had achieved my goal, and now I was as ugly as my brothers and sister.

So as I sit here and read this blog daily, recounting the extremely exciting escapades of my older siblings (and cousins), i once again find myself experience sibling envy.  Gale packs up and heads to Greece for a short sojourn, Travis and Heather rock the Asian continent with their newlywed good looks, and Val entertains young Zambian children from her window.  Luke does…. stuff.  What do I do?  Hmmmm… not much, that’s for sure.  Luckily, I leave for Uganda in about a month, and in the meantime, this is what my life has been.

No, my name is not Frank but I'll use whatever cup I can get when there's hot cider on the line.

No shave November has turned me into a homeless monster.  You might as well call it No-Haircut 2010 as well, because it has basically been that long since I cut my hair (samson reference… anyone?)

So while I may not be jet-setting across the globe at the moment, I HAVE A VOICE TOO!  Wow, I felt like I was just in a Hilary Duff movie, and that is not a good feeling.

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One Response to Enter Samson, Stage Left

  1. tigersensei says:

    Nothing will ever be as cool as an Astro-glide…and wow, 20/200, I see you’ve been the one in the family blessed with good eyesight. The doctor said to me “well, your eyesight is worse than 20/300 but we aren’t equipped to measure any worse so you are considered legally blind in your left eye.”

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