Swiss miss and cheese

nothing beats waking up to a thank you chocolate from your airline

Ok, so I didn’t really drink swiss miss while in Switzy but I did eat a lot of chocolate and cheese.  I arrived in Geneva at 5:30 pm on Sat evening.  I boarded a train for the next leg of my journey and after a quick stop in Geneva, a failed attempt at storing my luggage overhead, a 10 minute speil in french from the conductor about my accidental kids ticket (which even after switching to English remained a very confusing conversation), one credit card and a lot of hand gesturing to the great amusement of my co-passengers, I was on my way to Lausanne.

Me and Sarah outside the Chatel

After arriving in Lausanne, Sarah Yerger came and whisked me away to the YWAM base on the outskirts of town.  Well its really a swiss chatel with a panoramic view of the alps (rough life).

I got to stay in their hospitality house which is used for guests of the base.  Mainly speakers and stuff so it was really nice.  Not only was there a welcome basket full of swiss goodies but a korean information packet and a stocked fridge.  Amazing! Thanks YWAM Lausanne 🙂

how are they still blooming!?

Sunday was my one full day in Switzerland.  After a community breakfast and making a bag lunch, I got to meet Sarah’s boyfriend Thomas via skype (he was on outreach in France) and talk with Travis and Heather who were in an English pub in the heart of Nagoya, Japan.  It was a very international morning.

After a picnic lunch overlooking the swiss countryside, Sarah and I took some public transport to Lake Geneva, went to the olympic museum, attempted the highest high jump, saw an amazing cathedral, and found Jacky’s sandwiches in honor of Travis.

2012 Olympics here I come!

We made it back in time for dinner at the base and later procrastinated packing and journaling by calling Wendy for a mini skype reunion.

The next morning, Sarah dropped me off at the metro and after one metro, a train, plane (which was so empty most people had their own row and multiple tvs), 3 movies, shuttle and car, I was finally back to the real world and completely exhausted.  All in all, a fantastic adventure!

This is Lake Geneva!

overlooking the city

inside the cathedral

Christmas time is here!!

the closest I'll ever get to being in the olympics






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