Gale Goes Gaga in Greece (Final Installment)

So I am in Switzerland, getting ready to head back to the airport and come home.  I had a very nice day and a half here with Sarah.  I just wanted to send out a few more pics and a brief summary of the end of my week in Greece.

Shoes for everyone!

Wednesday we had a shoe give away for the kids.  There were 400 pairs of donated boot type shoes.  They will be good for winter, though a lot of the kids have started wearing them now.  Wednesday was also the big protest day but it didn’t seem like it was too big a deal this year since there was no coverage of it on the news.  It also poured rain during that time so maybe that helped keep it low key.

Thursday was women’s shower day.  About 10 families (just the women and children come) were there.  We set out toys and coloring for the kids and put on some movies.  We also serve a lunch and hangout with them most of the day. In the afternoon there was a riot on our street.  No one really seemed to know why but it just flared up.  They closd the gates to the alley where our door is and also our door is a locked gate so we were quite secure.  Mainly it was just a lot of ruckus, banging and yelling and such.  I really enjoyed Thursday though it was the most tiring day of the week for some reason.  I could have gone to bed by 5.  After the showers I went out to dinner with Christy, Jesse, Tiffany and Callie.  It was nice to talk with them more about stuff and life in Greece.

sleeping babies are awesome in any country

Friday was the men’s day.  I went in to help cook the meal.  I also got to sit in on the English class Jesse and Callie have been teaching in the morning.  I liked that.  It was nice because it was just five women.  They left before the men arrived and I stayed in the kitchen most of the day because there really is nothing for me to do with the men.  It was fun in the kitchen though and I got to talk with the guys on the team who were in charge there.  In the afternoon after the men leave Christy leads a bible study for about 5 of the women and I helped watch the kids during that.  I went to Christy’s for dinner which was nice. Its more in the suburbs so it was quieter.  She had two Russian ladies staying with her so I had tea and dessert with them.

finally made it to the water!

Saturday was my last day in Greece.  I decided to go see the water and I took a tram to the sea.  It was beautiful.  I went back into town and got one last gellato for lunch. There were some Greek break dancers just dancing and doin their thing in the middle of the square.  It was fun to watch.  One of the guys drove me to the airport and I was on my way to Switzerland!  But more about that later.

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