What’s In Your Bento? Monday 11.15.2010

Breakfast: Yet another burnt bagel. This toaster oven is nuts! Put the bagel in, brush my teeth, and three minutes later the place is smoking.

Pre-lunch snack: Strawberry pop-tarts. It’s been a long time…welcome back old friend.

Lunch: Bento.

Rating: C. The good was good but the bad was really bad.

Highlights: Fried chicken chunks, potato balls, jerky.

Lowlights: Spinach. Sweet sticky rice.

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, fish, sticky rice, fried chicken chunks, daikon, spinach, jerky (awesome!), potato balls

Gift from another teacher:
Sticky rice ball with red bean paste in the middle. A nice gesture, but I could barely gag down a bite in front of her before I slyly through the rest in the bathroom trash can. Maybe some consider this a treat, but its certainly not my style.

An "A" for presentation, "D" for taste

Dinner: Coconut chicken curry on white rice. Gyoza. Looks so good that you’d never guess it was boxed curry and microwave rice.

Dessert: Wafer cookies.

Disregard the Kit Kat

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One Response to What’s In Your Bento? Monday 11.15.2010

  1. I think you’re going to have to get uses to that bean paste! It seems that most of those desserts are filled with it! Ha! There are these green tea cream filed wagged things that I had from there that I will have to send u a picture of. I saved the wrapper Bc I have never had a better Japanese cookie or treat! Ill get back to you on that!!!!!

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