What’s In Your Bento? Sunday, 11.14.2010

Breakfast: Toast with strawberry jam and orange marmalade. Meticulously prepared by the loving hands at Chez Beaumont. Unfortunately, in my hunger, a picture was forgotten. I will assure you that it was quite tasty.

Lunch: Sushi. A return to the sushi train for the second time in a four days! I tried a few new ones, including a raw salmon and a mystery fish that even Sushipedia (an awesome Iphone app) couldn’t figure out.

Total Plates: 8 1/2. Scallops x2, Unagi x2, Breaded shrimp, Crabmeat, Shrimp, Salmon, Mystery fish (split with Heather)

Salmon sushi


Double dipped with two plates of unagi this time.

Scallops x 2

Snack: Vending machine ice cream bar outside of Cainz home supercenter. It’s time for whole ice cream vending machine concept to catch on in America. Who doesn’t want an almond chocolate bar after an hour of meandering through the aisles of Home Depot?

Dinner: Chimichanga from El Techo
. And I had claimed to have been “still full” from sushi. Ha!

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