What’s In Your Bento? Saturday, 11.13.2010

Breakfast: Salami and cheese sandwich on a volcano bagel. Perfection personified.

Lunch: PBJ loaded with potato chips. For a brief moment I thought I had put too many chips in. I don’t know what got in to me.

Snack: Apple pastry courtesy of Drew’s school bakery. Chocolate with macadamian nuts.

A Combini Feast: Microwave hamburger, a slab of fried chicken, chocolate cookies.
In lieu of a real dinner, we decided to stop at the Lawson’s combini (convenience store) at the beginning of our ill-fated trip to Kawane (we ended up driving around in the woods of northern Shizuoka for an hour and a half and found ourselves five minutes from where we had started…needless to say we never made it to Kawane). The selection at this inaka (rural) combini was much more sparse than I was used to, leaving me to cast my lot with an incredible greasy piece of fried chicken and a cardboard hamburger. Whether the food or Drew’s driving had more of an effect on my car sickness is yet to be determined.

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