What’s In Your Bento? Friday, 11.12.2010

Breakfast: Charred everything bagel. Being the miser that I am, I decided eating a mostly burnt bagel was preferable to wasting 150 yen by throwing it out.

Hey, a budgets a budget.

Lunch: Bento.

Rating: A- (almost A). TGIF! After two days of struggling through awful bentos, I’m rewarded with a top-notch bento to send me into the weekend. Almost, almost on the “A” level.

Highlights: Sweet and sour chicken, hardboiled egg, mustardy egg concotion, soy patty.

Lowlights: Stringbeans were edible, but barely.

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, sweet and sour chicken, sesame peppers, hard-boiled egg, soy patty, potato croquet patty, string veggies, soy glaze pocket with mochi inside (sticky rice), string beans, mustardy egg stuff

Snack: Strawberry and chocolate candy.

Dinner: Buffet at Fantasia’s Italian Restaurant including multiple types of pizzas, curry, french fries, cheesy pasta, edamame and corn salad, fried chicken nuggets, grilled chicken chunks, fried fish patty and an awesome ice cream sundae with oreo cookie bits and whipped cream. While wandering around the local mall looking for a place to eat, we happened to stumble across this place. With our limited Japanese knowledge we were able to piece together that they had a dinner buffet for 1050 yen (roughly $11.50) and that they had pizza and a soft serve machine. That was more than enough to sell us, as everything else was simply icing on the cake. I’d say we certainly got our money’s worth.

The edamames and corn themselves made it worth it...ok, well I guess the fries and pizza helped.

After stalking out the pizza table for a good 5 minutes, Heather returned with quite the bounty!

Was it embarrasing to hear everyone in the store whispering about the massive size of my sundae? Sure, maybe a little. Embarrassing enough to not do it again? Not a chance. And yes, those are cornflakes on my sundae.

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