Gale Goes Gaga in Greece- Part 1

So I made it to Greece.  Its very weird and overwhelming of a first day but so far so good.  I arrived at 10:20 am sat. their time and was driven by my team leader, Brett, directly to the center which was about an hours drive.  On sat. they open the ARC from 12-4pm and serve tea for any refugee who wants to come and hangout, sit, have a place to talk or whatever.  They also have two kids rooms where the older kids do crafts and color and the younger kids and babies can play.  It gives the moms a break.  The first hour I served tea to mostly Afghanis and some Albanias with an American boy name Shaun who was helping just for today with some of his friends as they traveled around Europe. 

After a short lunch of half a falafel sandwhich/wrap I was then dropped off by Brett to the baby room.  My engery was holding strong until I sat down to play with the kids.  Luckily about 20 mins after being in the baby room someone handed me a baby to hold and we chilled for the next half hour.  He was one half a boy/girl twin set, so we had an instant connection. 

From there I went to the older kids room, since they were short handed, to help with the crafts.  They were just finishing up some butterflies made from brown lunch bags.   Poppy, a greek volunteer, was incharge but leaving.  The kids were crazy hyper running in and out and stuff.  Thank goodness as soon as the craft was done they brought out some coloring pages and crayons and an instant calmness hit the room as everyone just sat and colored.  It was a fun afternoon and there were a lot of volunteers plus teammates there.  Most of the names have become jetlagged caused mush. 

I am staying with one of the girls on the team named Suzie and she is really easy to get a long with.  Tomorrow I will go to church with Brett and his family and have a brief orientation.  It is very overwhelming not knowing the language and not being able to get myself anywhere but hopefully I will feel more comfortable by the end of the week. 
Love you guys,

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