What’s In Your Bento? Wednesday, 11.10.2010

Breakfast: Yogurt and granola.

New picture for an old standby.

Lunch: Bento.

Rating: C. The only saving grace of this bento was the brown rice, a once-a-month-occurrence and a cause for celebration in the staff room.

Hightlights: Brown rice, orange.

Lowlights: The fish with 1,000 little bones in it, the soggy daikon, and the mini croquet that had no flavor whatsoever. All big let downs.

Brown rice, grilled fish, orange, hot dog, daikon, croquet, beans with glaze, potato salad.

Dinner: Half hawaiian, half pepperoni, sausage, and salami pizza from Custer’s. Always delicious, even cold.

After dinner snacks: Bowl of granola, fujimaya cookie.

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