Reasons to Ruv Japan: #1- Awesome T-Shirts!

We went to a second hand shop in the mall called Kilo-Store. Andrew and I bought matching ET rings. I took pictures of the awesome t-shirts. Photo evidence below.

Appropriate for some people more than others (coughbigredheadscough)

No wonder Springhill always dominates the local softball league!

A: This shirt appeared on the Price is Right. B: Bob Barker touched shirts that appear on the Price is Right. C: I touched this shirt. D: Bob Barker touched me. (Life goal #48 completed)

The Real CCR! I would love to know the events that lead up to A: A Cross-Canadian Ragweed shirt being produced and B: It ending up in Japan.

The only people who can fit into a size Small Fall Out Boy Shirt? 13 year old girls and Cubicle Dave Symonds, coincidentally, their entire fan base.

Who knew the Beckett homecoming charge had such far reaching implications!

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2 Responses to Reasons to Ruv Japan: #1- Awesome T-Shirts!

  1. dave says:

    dude please tell me you bought that FOB t’shirt for me! I can pay you back in yen or real money, whichever you prefer.

  2. Haha… what does that mean??!! Should I be worried that I’m dating a Swede?

    I love, love Engrish in Asia. My friend lived in China for a while and said her favorite t-shirt was a black one, with gold rock-band letters that said Butter! … so funny.

    Love reading about your experiences! Keep it up!

    Lindsay H.

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