What’s In Your Bento? Tuesday, 11.9.2010

Breakfast: Yogurt and granola. Again. Boring. Sorry.

Lunch: Bento.

Rating- D. The day it all came crashing down. The worst bento I’ve had yet, by far. I’ve heard horror stories from other ALT’s about the quality of their bentos, but I figured they were just much pickier eaters than me. However, maybe they are simply receiving bentos each day like the one I got today. I can eat most things (and I still did eat most in this bento) but enjoy it? No way.

Highlights: The white crunchy pasta stuff was decent. And decent is enough to make it my favorite part of the meal.

Lowlights: Awful spinach (went uneaten), disgusting sprouts with corn (went uneaten), pickled veggies (went uneaten), disgusting cold curry sauce with the meatballs (meatballs eaten, sauce avoided).

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, meatballs in curry sauce, white crunchy pasta, egg slab, dry potato croquet, lotus root, spinach, sprouts and corn, pickled veggies, cold pasta.

Lunch snack: New blueberry snack bar. Luckily, I had time to run to the school lunch store to pick up something decent. The new snack bar is much like the balance cup bars of old but more moist and not as chalky. Maybe that is why they are 20 cents more.

After-school munch: Cookie

Dinner: Salami and cheese panini with tortilla and potato chips.

So simple, yet so good.

Dessert: Chocolate puff pastry.

Don't you hate when things look so good but taste so average?

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