What’s In Your Bento? Monday, 11.8.2010

Breakfast: Yogurt and granola

Lunch: Bento

Rating: B. Some really good stuff, some really bad stuff. Now that I’ve gone through my first full month of bento lunches, I seem to be getting more picky in what I eat and what I don’t.

Highlights: Good grilled chicken, excellent pasta, great jerky (although I don’t know what the meat was), pineapple

Lowlights: Two pieces of jellied vegetables. I tried both and decided against eating either.

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, balls that looked like potatoes but tasted much slimier, pasta, some meat pieces with great jerky flavor, carrots and pork strips, jellied vegetables, pineapple, grilled chicken chunk and fried chicken chunk.

Dinner: Sweet and sour chicken over white rice.
You know something is tasty when you eat dinner, watch The Beach, and when you get up to put away the leftovers, you decide to eat a whole ‘nother helping before bed. Bonus: It’s also fun to make! Dropping batter coated pieces of chicken into boiling hot oil while trying to avoid splashes serves as a great form of entertainment.

Plate 1 of many.

Dessert: Parm Bar and a miniscule Butterfinger.
What is even the point of making a Butterfinger so small?

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