What’s In Your Bento? Sunday, 11.7.2010

Breakfast: Barely cooked bacon, under cooked sausage, mushy potatoes, loads of fruit, and about 6 rolls with strawberry jam. Your typical Japanese breakfast buffet.

Lunch: Gyoza dumplings, white rice, miso soup.
Even though I felt on the verge of death (the result severe head congestion coupled with a 3.5 hour bus through the Japanese Alps in which my ears popped well over 100 times) when you find yourself at a place called “The Gyoza Center”, you treasure the meal.

Midday munchies at the outlet mall: “Cold ice” crepe from Atlanta’s Crazy Crepes. Distance from Gotemba, Japan to Atlanta, Georgia: 7,021 miles.

Dinner: Salami and cheese sandwich on a “volcano bagel”. Guacamole. After taking 8 hours to get home, all I wanted to do was crash…and eat a salami sandwich. So I bought a 12 dollar package of salami and promptly passed out. Well, after eating the guac that Heather had so lovingly prepared for my return. And after eating a cookie. And a butterfinger.

Dessert: The aforementioned cookie and butterfinger “fun size”.

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