What’s In Your Bento? Friday, 11.5.2010

Breakfast: Yogurt and granola.

Lunch: Bento. Kit Kat.

Rating: B. Some really good stuff, but the lack of meat and the spinach kept it from B+/A- territory.

Highlights: All the veggies, minus the spinach, were really good. The croquet had curry paste in it and was quite tasty.

Lowlights: Spinach (as always) and the tofu stick had some weird root that tasted like grass in it.

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, sweet potato, spinach, sweet kidney beans, stringy veggies with pork, more stringy veggies with pork (but somehow a completely different flavor), tofu stick, curry croquet, fish

I brought them in as prizes for the kids. By class, the package was 14 minus 1.

Dinner: Toast. Originally, this was going to be all I had for dinner, since I was planning on conking out at 7:30 and trying to kick this cold.

Real dinner: Calamari salad and french fries.
When going to bed early didn’t happen, I decided I should eat something substantial, like fried calamari and fried potatoes.

Dessert: Orange juice popsicle and chocolate chip cookies.

Healthy, good for the cold.

Unhealthy, good for the pear.

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One Response to What’s In Your Bento? Friday, 11.5.2010

  1. mzunguprince says:

    is a popsicle healthy? or good for the cold? not sure on that one, travy.

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