What’s In Your Bento? Wednesday, 11.3.2010

Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. Eaten hastily as I dashed to the train station.

I almost missed the train while I waited for the cream cheese to liquify enough to spread.

Festival Food: Corn soup, hot dog on a stick, pancakes with whipped cream, french fries, french toast, cup of chicken nuggets, sweet potato sticks, honey roasted peanuts, chocolate banana on a stick, and a heart attack.
In case you missed the memo, the Japanese love their festivals and they love to eat at their festivals. My school had it’s annual festival today, and when you have 350 students imploring you to try every single thing imaginable, yelling “only hyaku yen sensei, come try!”, your sense of obligation takes over (good excuse, eh?).

No mistaking this delicacy. A festival favorite that transcends all languages, races, creeds, and religion (well, maybe not ALL religions)

Dudes, you don't have to talk me into eating this by claiming its an Okinawa special delicacy. I'd scarf down pancakes with whipped cream anytime, anyplace, made by anyone.

Not sure I understand the whole breakfast foods at festivals idea, but I sure do like it.

Typical Japanese portions. I could eat about 20 of those little cups of chicken.

Not quite the same as honey roasted peanuts in the States, but close enough to warrant eating a whole package of them.

Choco bananas for everyone!

Dinner: Scallop, bacon, and garlic pizza. Since we are already up in Tenryu, we might as well go to Custer’s for pizza, right? You know, get some “real” food in our stomachs.

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