What’s In Your Bento? Monday, 11.01.2010

Lunch: Bento

Rating: B+. I’m starting to get spoiled with the good run of bentos.

Highlights: Lotus root. Crabmeat stick (welcome surprise). Strips of smoked seaweed with pork.

Lowlights: That spinach corn thing is still disgusting. The little thing of pickles is a waste of space.

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, smoked seaweed and pork, spinach and corn, dried sesame flavored seaweed, pickles (ick), lotus root (awesome!), spaghetti, some sort of creamed vegetable, mini hot dog, imitation crab meat stick, meat croquet.

Dinner 1: Awesome homemade curry chicken salad sandwiches. Smalls really outdid herself this time (although I should get some credit for cutting the roll). Best chicken salad ever.

Dinner 2: 4 plates of sushi at Kappazushi. 1 plate of scallop, 1 plate of unagi (eel), 1 plate of crabmeat, 1 breaded shrimp. Oh come on! I couldn’t let Heather go alone. And its not like I’m turning it down if I’m there.

I consider just 4 plates a victory.

Dessert: Assortment of cookies.

The package of chocolate wafers had no chance of making it through the night.

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One Response to What’s In Your Bento? Monday, 11.01.2010

  1. Megin says:

    Are they price differently based off of the color plate? This makes me hungry! But then again, I’m a sherry and everything makes me hungry!

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