A “Typical” Weekend in Japan

As the weeks continue to fly by, life in Japan begins to feel normal (the gigantic flashing kitty cat signs warrant barely a glance nowadays) and things have become less hectic. For the first month and a half everything was go-go-go and everything was new-new-new. But with the weather getting crisper and the sun setting earlier, the pace of life has slowed down some. That isn’t to say things haven’t been fun, just more relaxed (by our standards).

A Japanese with an English dictionary is a dangerous thing.

The pictures below are a snapshot of three weekends ago, which included a Friday night in downtown Hamamatsu for our Japanese friend Yukimasa’s (whose name means Happy General) birthday, a night out at okonomiyaki (explained here), a long bike ride through our neighboring villages and towns, and multiple (and by multiple, I mean 4) trips to one of my favorite places in the whole world, the local thrift shop (called recycle marts in Japan). Now, I could go on about my undying love affair with thrift stores, which began at the age of 14 when my heart was stolen away by the Royersford Goodwill, but anyone who knows me has either:

a) Seen me wearing a thrift store shirt (any day from 10th through sophomore year of college)
b) Driven me to a thrift store
c) Helped me load junk purchases from a thrift store into a pick up
d) Lent me said pickup
e) Thrown away garbage bags full of old thrift store clothes (Mom and Dad)
f) Continued to store even more garbage bags full of thrift store clothes in their attic (Mom and Dad)

So, I’ll just post some pictures. For the full album, click here

$400...(so close to purchasing)...would look perfect in the living room.

Hello Kitty Shock Absorbers vs. ALF Bag in a battle for best purchase of the first 3 months.

A white scarecrow...what are you trying to say Japan?

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3 Responses to A “Typical” Weekend in Japan

  1. mzunguprince says:

    the scarecrow eerily reminds me of the one from Rancho Wendy. apparently people in different countries think pale people are the most terrifying creatures that could be thought of.

    also, i need to thank you for instilling a passion for thrift stores within my soul. i think for the past 16 months, i have ONLY bought clothes from thrift stores (except one outfit for easter sunday… gotta look fresh every once in a while). in fact, i am right now wearing a grey crew sweatshirt with mickey mouse largely printed on the front, courtesy of Sal Val. mmmmhhhmmm.

  2. wheelinshirt says:

    The sign cracks me up. The first sentence is just gibberish, but the second is actually completely coherent and a little bit poetic.

  3. Peggy Joy Swope says:

    Hi Travis (and Heather too!),

    Glad that you’re doing well in your new home! I had no doubt that you would take advantage of every opportunity afforded you (eating and thrift shops included). I do indeed remember when you used to go to that thrift shop in Royersford to buy T-shirts. Your adventures (especially climbing Mt. Fuji) sound incredible! Enjoy every minute. How is the teaching of English going for you? Remember the little techniques that I used to try to teach you Spanish will also work when trying to teach English. So… are there any Sherry visits planned to Japan while you’re there? What a great opportunity for your siblings and parents! Life at Methacton is fine! We finally have a contract so that is a good thing – things were tough for quite a while and morale still hasn’t returned to what it was. I am enjoying my year – so far, so good with my students! I have really nice kids this year. However, as I make my way through my 34th year at MHS, I am looking forward to a healthy, happy and productive retirement in June 2012. I want a life without homework! LOL! Miss you!
    Miss Nix (or Peggy or Mrs. Swope)

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