What’s In Your Bento? Friday, 10.29.2010

Breakfast: Volcano Bagel, half butter, half cream cheese. Things I can’t tell you: why it’s called a volcano bagel and what’s in it. Things I can tell you: it has some sort of cheese on it, it is very good, and I will be eating plenty more of them in the coming months.

half and half, best of both worlds

Lunch: Bento

Rating: A. From the moment I opened the lid, I had a very good feeling that we would have our first ever “grade A” bento. It certainly didn’t disappoint, providing both quality and quantity and set the standard for all future bentos to be graded on.

Highlights: Egg roll, mashed potatoes, pineapple, pasta, chicken.

Lowlights: None really. The sauce for the hot dog was a little weird (like a mild curry) but that’s just nitpicking.

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, cabbage with strips of pork, pasta, pineapple, mashed potatoes, mini hot dog with curry sauce, hard boiled egg, big hunk of grilled chicken, egg roll triangle.

Snack: Tim Tams. I had been dreaming of polishing off the rest of these since I had finished my bento 4 hours earlier. The fact that they lasted three whole days in our house has to be some sort of record.

Snack: Cheese and crackers. When we couldn’t decide where we wanted to eat dinner, I decided to eat again. Little did I know what was in store.

Dinner: Chinese food: Sweet and sour pork. Grilled meat set. Fried rice. Gyoza. Heather had a hankering for some “regular, grimy Chinese food” and with it being her birthday week, we decided to make it a perfect 5 for 5 for eating out this week. We made a phone call to a friend of ours to inquire the whereabouts of a cheap Chinese place and were told of a place that is “super grotty but really cheap and really good.” Perfect! Unaware of the portion size, we decided to order a side of fried rice, two entrees, and “why the heck not”, an appetizer of gyoza (crescent shaped dumplings pan fried and filled with whatever the heck they fill Chinese food with). I’m both proud and embarrassed to say that we were able to finish the entire thing (although not without some stopping and starting).

Quite easily the best fried rice I've ever eaten.

MSG for everyone!

Yakiniku (grilled meat) with veggies


Dessert: Chocolate ice cream waffle sandwich.
What better to top of a week of gluttony than an ice cream filled waffle?

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