What’s In Your Bento? Wednesday, 10.27.2010

Breakfast: Tomato and Cheese Bagel. We were fortunate enough to find a bagel shop downtown that sells real “New York Style” bagels in a variety of awesome flavors. You’ll surely be seeing many more of these pics in the future.

Lunch: Bento.

Rating: B+

Highlights: Breaded croquet, meatballs, orange

Lowlights: Whatever those stringy vegetables in the middle were. They were foul and I couldn’t even eat them. Lack of meat.

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, meatballs in some watery white sauce, tofu log, orange, croquet wtih some sort of filling, daikon, cabbage in white glaze, disgusting stringy vegetables, good stringy vegetables.

Snack: Part of a halfway eaten piece of tomato, cheese, and spinach bread. Eh.

Dinner: Sushi from Kappazushi, the local “kaiten sushi” (sushi train). It’s quick, it’s cheap (90 yen or $1 a each) and no one looks at you weird when you scarf down double digit plates. This happened to be one of my weaker performances.

Shrimp sushi

Raw scallops.

Imitation crabmeat. A personal fave.

Shrimp tempura

Breaded shrimp with dollop of mayo and tonkatsu sauce

Shrimp loaded with avocado, onions (it's like half an onion on there), and mayo.

White fish

Dessert: A stop at Dipper Dan’s for a strawberry, banana, and chocolate crepe (Smalls) and a chocolate and strawberry cheesecake gelato (myself).

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