Biking around Lake Hamana (hamana, hamana, hamana)

Biking around beautiful Lake Hamana on one of the last pleasant days of summer?  Good idea.  Waiting until 11:00 a.m. to get out of bed?  Bad idea.  Ah, the pitfalls of sloth.

What was supposed to turn into a full-day bike ride and picnic quickly turned into a 2 hour mid-afternoon jaunt when we arrived at the bike rental station in Bentajima at 2:30 and were told that the rental return station in Kanzanji closed at 4:30.

Luckily, after returning the bikes we were able to find things to do in Kanzanji; visit the mountain-top shrine and get some great pictures of the sunset, relax our feet in the multiple hot stone foot baths located around town, and eat mini-Oreos at the local kombini (convenience store).

Below, I’ve posted just a few of the pictures. To view the whole album click here.

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