What’s In Your Bento? Thursday, 10.28.2010

Lunch: Roast beef sandwich with cheddar cheese on crusty Italian bread. The last bits of a bag of potato chips and a bag of “roast corn” Doritos. Ironically enough, you can’t buy regular tortilla chips nor “regular” Doritos (nacho cheese, cool ranch, etc.) but you can buy Doritos that are tortilla chips. Meiji strawberry yogurt. Unagi (eel) pie, which is not a pie at all, but actually a wafer. This is local to the Hamamatsu area (which is famous for eel) and is made from ground up eel bones and sugar. Believe it or not, its actually really good and tastes a lot like shortbread.

Unagi pie. Frequently given as a small gift in the Hamamatsu area, which I always willingly accept.

Snack: White chocolate pretzels. Found at the import store. The joy of discovering these lasted a full 5 times longer than the actual pretzels themselves.

From good old Hanover, PA.

2nd Pre-dinner snack: Frozen Caramel Tim Tams. If okonomiyaki is Japan’s nectar from the gods, then tim tams are certainly Australia’s!

Heather’s Birthday Dinner!: Chicken quesadilla, chicken tostada plate and a strawberry margarita at El Techo. Normally, I won’t post everything I drink (since that would certainly be overkill) but special occasions call for exceptions. While the strawberry margarita with pink straw certainly “emasculated me” (thanks Drew!) it was worth every drop.

Good, but certainly no chimichanga

No shame

Late Night “Mini Stop” Run:
Ice cream with strawberries parfait. I’m not sure if I believe the claim that it is only 153 calories but the sign was enough to quell my guilt for buying it.

Further proof of my emasculation

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