What’s In Your Bento? Tuesday, 10.26.2010

Breakfast: “Pop Tarts”. I talked myself out of the strawberry ones…only to be swayed by the apple tart half an hour later.

Lunch: Bento

Rating: A-

Highlights: Both the fried fish and fried root were good, albeit a little soggy. Pasta and potatoes were also above par.

Lowlights: The disgusting spinach (I didn’t even dare try it this time) and no sauce for the rice. I was informed by another teacher that they were “looking for the missing sauce.” It was never found.

White rice, barely cooked bacon with carrots and cabbage, some sauce (not sure what to use it on, it was gross), fried fish and piece of fried root, potatoes with a good glaze, pasta, sweet Chinese fruit, awful, atrocious spinach

Lunch Snack: Chocolate Balance Bar. I felt really daring today, going with a different flavor “pop tart” and different flavor balance bar. My curiosity was rewarded, as the chocolate bar may have usurped the blueberry as my new favorite.

Dinner: Okonomiyaki. Don’t know what okonomiyaki is? Fear not, this Japanese culinary masterpiece will be detailed in depth in the very next post.

Beautiful, ain't she?

Dessert: Maquite Ice Cream Cup. This time, curiosity was not rewarded. I should have never turned my back on the Crunky Bar.

Looks can be deceiving. A wasted 239 calories.

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