What’s In Your Bento? Monday, 10.25.2010

Breakfast: That’s right, you guessed it: granola and…milk? A break from the norm was necessitated by the utter lack of preparation for my 2 a.m. Monday morning wake-up to watch football. I’d like to think that a certain woman should be held responsible for not keeping up with my voracious yogurt-eating habits.

Late Breakfast: “Pop-tarts”: While waking up each Monday at 2 a.m. certainly affects my sleeping habits, it also affects my eating habits. After eating breakfast at 3 a.m., there is absolutely no way I’d make it to lunch without a trip to the vending machine to appease my cravings.

Lunch: Microwave hamburger, egg-wrapped unigiri, and a Blueberry BalanceCup Bar. What, first no yogurt, now no bento? Apparently, when the bento service messed up and brought one less bento than was ordered, the powers that be decided that the person whose complaints would be most incomprehensible to them would be the one to remain bento-less. Alas, I was sent to the vending machine for a second time in four hours. What does it mean for the quality of the bentos when a lunch consisting of a microwave hamburger slathered in mayonnaise, a rice triangle wrapped in a layer of egg, and a dry breakfast bar doesn’t feel like a punishment?

While not extraordinary, all were surprisingly "better than edible".

Dinner: Pizza. A return to Custer’s for a night of the usual pepperoni and salami pizza. As evidenced by the below picture, the egg unigiri didn’t quite tide me over very well until dinner and I was already 4 slices deep by the time I remember to snap the pic.

Extra: Persimmons. Why did Custer bring us “kaki” during our meal? No clue. Was it good? Most definitely.

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