What’s In Your Bento? Thursday 10.21.10

Breakfast: Yogurt and Granola

Lunch: Bento

Rating: C

Highlights:  Curry Cabbage (surprisingly good) and the fried fish (at least I think it was fish), chicken meatball

Lowlights:  Cold egg omelette with ketchup, pickled seaweed, sweet Chinese fruit

White rice with tonkatsu sauce, cold egg omelette, sweet Chinese fruit, chicken meatball, fried fish, daikon (big radish) cubes, curry cabbage, pickled seaweed, pasta with white sauce

Lunch snack: I call them pop tarts, but they aren’t really pop tarts. They are sweet crackers with different type of flavored frosting in them. In my school’s vending machine + phenomenal = a vice of mine.

I prefer the strawberry, but the the tart apple are quite good as well.

Dinner: Homemade (by the wifey) fried rice with chicken, edamame, peppers and beans. It was AWESOME!

Man that girl can cook!

After dinner sweets:

– Strawberry hard candy from Custer’s the night before.  Sorry that you’ll have to deal with my mug but I mistakenly forgot to take a picture before I popped it in my mouth.

– Apple

– Post-Japanese lesson Pocky Sticks.















Pocky Sticks- chocolate tipped wafer rods

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