What’s in Your Bento? Friday 10.22.10

Breakfast: Yogurt and Granola

Lunch: Bento

Rating:  B+ (the meat was awesome, the sides just so-so)

Highlights:  Two big pieces of meat (grilled fish and a fried patty of some sort),  potato balls

Lowlights:  Pickled beans and spinach

White rice with soy sauce, pasta, soy beans in a barbeque-type glaze, pickled beans and spinach, potato balls, grilled fish, salty seaweed, fried meat with sesame seed package

Lunch snack: Balance Cup Blueberry Bar- Another great member of the Balance Cup team, it is advertised as a bar but is really indvidually wrapped nuggets.  They are pretty dry and chalky, but taste good, almost like a less sweet shortbread with blueberry in them.


Dinner: Nachos, Beef Burrito and Chicken Chimichanga at El Techo (split between Heather and I).  El Techo is the only Mexican restaurant within an hour of us, and thankfully, it is a good one.  Run by an American (from Seattle), it is staffed by “real-life” Mexicans and the food is on par to, if not better than, most of the Mexican places I have visited in the States.  Best yet, English is spoken by all the staff and almost all the customers!

The nachos are just average, but here, average means awesome.


Beef Burrito


There is nothing like a deep-fried chimichanga on a Friday night to kick off a weekend of gluttony.

Late Night: After letting the Mexican settle for an hour and a half, it was time to head to the Mini Stop for some late night ice cream.  My weapon of choice:  The Crunky Bar!


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