What’s In Your Bento? Wednesday 10.20.2010

Lunch: School Bento

Rating: B+

Highlights:  Quantity of food (3 types of meat!), dried mackarel, pasta salad

Lowlights:  Disgusting spinach, return to white rice

White rice (with tonkatsu sauce added), lotus root pinwheels, spinach with corn (ick), dried mackarel strips, potato cubes, cold spaghetti with red sauce, pasta with white cream sauce, one piece shrimp tempura, one piece fried fish paste, one cube of grilled chicken

Dinner: Pizza from Custer’s. Not quite American pizza, but the best imitation around. $11 for a medium might not sound like a steal until you realize that pizzas can cost upwards of $40 for a pie in Japan.


Late Night: Strawberry yogurt and granola.  Perfect any time of the day!

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