What’s In Your Bento? Tuesday, 10.19.2010

Morning: My typical, go-to breakfast

Meiji Strawberry Yogurt and Granola

Lunch: School issued bento box.

Rating: B-.

Highlights:  getting brown rice for the first time this year, the potato croquet, which interestingly enough had a spiced flavor to it, and the awesome soy beans.

Lowlights: lack of meat (one little piece of fish isn’t doing it for a growing boy).

clockwise from top left: small piece of fish, sweet tofu patty, potato croquet, orange slice, seaweed and beans with glaze, soybeans, cold pasta noodles

Dinner: Leftover Seafood Alfredo with scallops, shrimp, and grilled calamari.

Just as delicious three days later

Sweets: Half of a caramel chocolate cake pastry (fantastic!) and a blueberry candy.

Compliments of the bike shop owner

Late Night: Peanut butter and jelly crackers.

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